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Hills Dog Food Company   by MARK

in Family / Pets    (submitted 2007-05-22)

Hills dog food is better known for the brands that they make and sell. The science diet brand known for its high quality is made by Hills and even many vets recommend it. Hills also makes the prescription dog food known as Hills prescription dog food. Hills dog food is without a doubt the very best processed food that a dog can have. Hills brand science diet makes dog food for each stage of life including puppy food for the first year, adult formula for dogs one to six years old, and mature adult dogs for seven years and up. The food also comes in two popular forms. People can purchase the Hills dog food in dry form which is normally referred to as a bag of food, or the canned varieties. Dogs always like the canned foods because it looks closer to people food and it's not dry.

Hills dog food is much more than just dog food. They are a leader in the industry working for all adoption dogs to be able to find a home. On their website is a list of things people can do by volunteering in their own community. There is a message board on the website where people can tell their story about how they adopted a dog from a shelter. This is designed to encourage others to think hard about getting their next best friend from an animal shelter. Many animals have to be euthanized because there just isn't enough space and animals continue to come in. This forces the shelter to do the saddest job.

More About Hills Dog Food

Hills dog food can be bought at many different stores including the vet's office and other pet supply stores. The prescription diet food can be purchased from the vet where people take their animals. The Hills dog food company also has retailers on the internet that sell the dog food. Sometimes the food bought over the internet is cheaper because the retailer doesn't have the overhead of having a real office or store space.

While paying a little more for dog food doesn't seem good, one must take into account that the nutritional difference is not even close. If a dog is truly a person's best friend, feed your friend like a person would feed any other friend. The cost difference isn't that much and is worth knowing that a person is doing all they can for the good and long life of their dog.

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