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Welcome to Hillcrest Bichon - ShelterRescue

We are a private home-based breeder of quality Bichon frises. Our bichons are part of the family. We are located in sunny Southern California.

Hillcrest Bichon was established in 2002, and we pride ourselves on breeding top quality AKC Bichons. Our puppies are carefully and painstakingly reared. Producing superior Bichon Frise puppies requires taking time to research pedigrees, temperments and health records. Our Bichons are mated with the aim of breeding beautiful, happy, healthy family companions.

A Virtual Pet

Virtual pet adoption (VPA) can become an enjoyable activity for your kids if they are unable to go outside due to bad weather. Virtual pet has become one of the most favorite past times for the kids today, thus causing a spurt in the craze for this hobby. Also it lets you choose from a wide variety of pets they have put on their site. So you can rest assured that virtual pet adoption center will have one pet that your kids are bound to love.

Primarily, virtual pet adoption is of three kinds: first is the downloadable kind. Here you can go to the virtual adoption center and download the pet straight on your computer. Next is the online kind. In this kind of virtual pet you must have access to VPA website in order to spend time with the virtual pet. Finally, the third kind is a plush animal but is also provided with the choice of visiting the online virtual pt adoption center in order to spend time with the virtual model of the pet.

About Dog Shelters

The well being of dogs, as well as the public that they interact with, is an important part of maintaining safe and orderly communities. When they becomes abandoned, it will often be picked up and placed in a shelter.

Dog shelters were developed to keep stray dogs from possible harm, both as victims and perpetrators. The ultimate goal of any of these shelters is to find a permanent home for the animals, whether that means returning them to their previous home or finding new adoptive owners.

There are many different facilities that cater specifically to lost, abandoned, abused, and injured animals. Some are publicly funded while others are private; there are both for profit and nonprofit shelters. The main functions of a shelter can be categorized into the following general purposes:

Adopt A Virtual Pet

Looking for a virtual pet? Now thanks to the virtual pet adoption sites, you can easily get one. But it is very essential for you to stick to the instructions listed on the virtual pet adoption sites properly. The virtual pet adoption centers let you adopt a virtual pet and put it up on your website without any charge.

There is a wide range of animals available for adoption at the virtual pet adoption centers. Some of the animals available at the virtual pet adoption center are: the spider, bunny, pig, hedgehog, duck, llama, fish, hamster, tiger, puppy, kitten or penguin.

To adopt a pet from a virtual pet adoption center, select the animal you would like to adopt. Next step is to give the pet a name as well as color. After that you just have to copy and paste the code given on the virtual pet adoption website into the code of the website where you intend to place the animal.

Adopting A Dog From

A dog shelter or animal rescue group is a good starting point in your quest to find the perfect four-legged companion. Many people rule adopting a dog from a dog shelter or rescue group because they fear that the dogs are damaged goods. An animal rescue group does take stray dogs from the street but a g shelter isn't a place where bad or damaged dogs are discarded. In many cases, a canine will find themselves in a shelter because their owner can no longer accommodate them. This happens sometimes when people are forced to rent an apartment that will not accept pets, travel frequently for business, start a family or move into a city dwelling that isn't suitable for their dog. Shelters, for many of these dogs, are their last hope for being put into a loving home. With a constant new stream of dogs, all in need of a home, there is simply no place to house every single dog and some may be put to sleep if a potential savior doesn't step forward.

An Overview of the Costs

An Overview of the Costs of Pet Adoption   by Louise Johnston

in Family / Pets    (submitted 2013-01-07)

You can know the costs of pet adoption before you commit to it. The easiest option may be to open your PC and connect to the World Wide Web. You must remember that your choice of animals will depend a lot on the lifestyle that you are leading. Adoption centers can help you with the process of finding the right one for you. They are also concerned about the well-being of the animals after they have left the center. So as much as possible, they want the right pets to land on the right hands.

Does it already sound like a dating game wherein people are being matched according to their traits and preferences? Well, that is very much true. As the pet owner, you must also make sure that when you already acquired the animal, you must do everything in your capacity to look out for its well-being. Now it is already sounding more like parenting, right? But this shouldnââ¬â¢t scare you. Pets bring lots of joy for those who are open to accept them with loving arms.

Book Review Dog Shelter Blues


Dog Shelter Blues

Mark Conkling


Sunstone Press

245 pages

Dog Shelter Bluesis the second novel by author Mark Conkling. While it is not a sequel to Conkling's first novel, Prairie Dog Blues, the author does answer a few stray questions that the reader was left with at the end of the prairie dog's tale. In the new book, Danny Sandoval faces multiple legal problems after speaking out against the cruel treatment of rescued animals at a local shelter. With the help of his friends, Danny survives law suits and a relapse of his addiction, all while maintaining his stand to protect the animals he is so passionate about.

Can You Obedience Train

Can You Obedience Train Your Dog At Home?   by Lori Kniff

in Family / Pets    (submitted 2011-11-04)

You wanted a dog and you found just the right dog for you. Unfortunately, your dog may have some bad habits: he barks too much; he chews on household items like socks, shoes, and electric cords; he jumps up on people; he eliminates in the house; he chases your other pets; he pulls on a leash, he won't come when called. Do any of these behaviors sound familiar? If so, what can you do to help your dog become more socially acceptable to be around?

There are many dog training classes that will help you train your dog. You and your dog can attend these classes, and your dog will be trained with other dogs. They can be obedience trained to heel, sit, stay, etc, and even be trained to show. As good as these programs are, your dog also needs to learn acceptable social behavior in your home.

Causes of Parvo

Causes of Parvo in Dogs   by David Bunch

in Self Help    (submitted 2009-11-16)

Causes Of parvo in dogs are very rare to find in all dogs. Only few dogs are suffering from this viral disease. The dog sheltered from parvo doesn't mean that that has completely free from the virus itself. This Causes Of parvo in dogs is transmitted via trouncing, sniffing or when it is in contact with feces of any dog.

Usually Causes Of parvo in dogs is much unknown which was discovered in 1978, Kentucky. This virus consequence of a vaccine contagion and mutuation. The best way to avoid this disease is that we should maintain our dogs within our house and avert it from sniffing means which helps to stay away from other dogs' diseases.

Choosing The Right

Dog breeds come in many different shapes, sizes and appearances. The best dog for you is the one that matches with your personality and requirements. There are many dog breed profiles that you can look at to choose the right dog breed for yourself. Dogs can play various roles depends on your purpose to keep a dog. From becoming a jogging partner to being use as a working dog that makes a fantastic partner for exercise, you can choose from multiple dog breeds and ensure a perfect match for yourself.

How To Choose From Various Dog Breeds

Why do you want a dog? Do you want a dog that doesn't require constant pampering and petting? Do you prefer a dog who simply likes to snuggle on your couch? Or do you prefer a dog that requires shorter periods of exercise and is happy with just a couple of good, long walks once a day?

Cyber Pet Adoption

There are many various sites online that provide games for children, but a cyber pet adoption site is one of the safest online environments for children. These websites are constructed with children in mind, and so many safety standards have been put into place to help protect the children that play on these websites after they have gone through a cyber pet adoption.

Cyber pet adoption promotes learning, which is a great reason to think about a virtual pet for your children. Your kids will have to take care of their virtual pet the same way in which they would have to take care of a pet in the real world. Some sites actually require that the kids earn points by playing educational games, and it is with these points that they can buy supplies for their pets.